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FOSFORY in Gdańsk is a plant with 100 years of tradition.

Sulphuric acid and various inorganic salts have been produced here since 1912. The plant was almost completely destroyed as a result of the war operation during World War II; it was rebuilt in its original form in 1947. As part of the programme of chemicalisation of the national agriculture in the late 1960s the implementation of a large investment was started here and, as a result, the plant evolved into a modern factory plant of phosphate fertilizers. On the basis of a U.S. licence the production of granulate triple super phosphate, where the content of phosphorus is nearly three times higher than in simple super phosphates, was started. In the mid-1970s FOSFORY in Gdańsk reached the planned total production capacity by supplying approximately 300 thousand tons of finished products to the market. The political and economic transformations that occurred in Poland after 1989 led to a revision of the company's strategy, its reorganization and change in legal status.

In 1992 FOSFORY were transformed into a private limited liability company. The State Treasury owned 100% of the shares. In 1995 the ownership structure of shares was changed. Through capital privatization, the shares were acquired by CIECH S.A. - 66% and ROLIMPEX S.A. - 9%. In the following years the shareholding structure has changed slightly. This was due to the sale of GZNF FOSFORY shares between changing shareholders during this period.

The new market situation made it necessary to develop a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of the market shaped by demanding and efficient buyers. FOSFORY greatly expanded its range of fertilizers; alongside the well-known and respected by farmers Granular Triple Super Phosphate, a new range of fertilizers were introduced to the market: Agrafoska, Amofoska, Amofosmag and Enriched Super Phosphate containing sulphur, calcium and microelements. All the fertilizers and fertilizer mixtures are granular and have a long-lasting and effective action. The fertilizers are sold in packs of 50 kg, 500 kg and in bulk. Moreover, FOSFORY produce and sell the highest quality technical sulphuric acid, battery acid and sodium bisulphite.

Using its prime location within the port of Gdańsk, as of 1976 FOSFORY has been offering a very wide array of services and shipping that consists of handling of bulk loose solids and liquids in export, import and transit of goods carried by sea. The volume of transhipment in 2004 amounted to over 1.5 million tons. The port infrastructure belonging to FOSFORY on the waterfront is still being modernized and expanded. The Chemików waterfront can take vessels with a capacity of about 30,000 tons and in the first half of 2005 the extended portion of this waterfront, allowing for mooring two large ships at the same time, will be opened. This will increase transhipment handling capabilities and increase the flexibility in handling both liquid and loose cargo at the same time.

The major investments made in the years 1996-1997 involved launching production lines of NPK fertilizers and extension of storages for liquid goods and unloading systems, modernization of packing facilities for fertilizers along with a loading system onto cars and wagons, construction of installations for heating and unloading of cargo tanks with chemicals (lye soda, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, organic), increasing the capacity of the tanks of liquid fertilizer export base, increasing the storage capacity of sulphuric acid, port wharf modernization, replacing conveyor belts of the loose cargo export base, and comprehensive computerization of the entire enterprise.

Another extremely important investment from the point of view of environmental protection was the launch of alkaline acid absorption of sulphur compounds, which allows for qualifying sulphuric acid production installation as fully compliant with BAT requirements (best available technology) in 2003.

A significant fact, whose positive effects are already visible, was the formal completion of the acquisition of GZNF FOSFORY by Zakłady Azotowe ‘Puławy’ S.A. in April 2011 - the leader of the Polish fertilisers and chemical industry. Zakłady Azotowe ‘Puławy’ S.A. acquired 89.46 percent of the share initial capital of GZNF FOSFORY. With this transaction GZNF FOSFORY become an important player in PUŁAWY Capital Group, for which a good brand that meets the needs and requirements of clients is a key strategic goal.

The year 2012 in particular will go down in the history books of GZNF FOSFORY because the Company will celebrate its 100th anniversary.