Sulfuric accumulator


Sulfuric accumulator

The purity of our sulfuric acid is made possible by the use of battery acid, which is used as an electrolyte.

Battery quality parameters:

  1. H2SO4 concentration min. 92%
  2. form - colorless, transparent liquid
  3. residue after roasting max. 0.002%
  4. iron compound content in conversion to Fe max. 0.002% 
  5. content of arsenic compound in conversion to As max. 0,03ppm
  6. chloride content in Cl. 0.0002%
  7. content of reducing substances in the conversion to SO2 max. 0.0015%
  8. no suspension
  9. mercury content max. 0,0005ppm.

The quality standard - compliant with PN69 / C - 84058.

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