work at Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" Sp. z o. o

Why phosphorus?

We focus primarily on people with potential. Cooperation with the best specialists, a rich training program and the opportunity to work on a variety of innovative projects will allow you to acquire new skills and experiences.

About our team

Working in our company means access to the most modern solutions and technologies. We focus mainly on helping each employee to extract what is most valuable, stimulate motivation for creative work and continuous development of their skills.

We want and we can share our experience, we also count on the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience of our new employees. That is why one of our main goals is to search for and hire the best candidates and graduates and then provide them with optimal career opportunities. The company has a bonus system adapted to the level of responsibility at particular levels of management.

We connect in our company talents of people with the latest technology. Our company consists of a team of qualified and experienced specialists with unique creative potential and passion for taking on new challenges. In our employees, we highly value the active and creative attitude and experience in the implementation of projects. We offer candidates for work the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of the company's activity, as well as the chance to gain high qualifications in an organization employing 300 employees. The company also has an extensive laboratory base equipped with often unique positions and devices.

Our company has successfully implemented the procedure "Human Resources Management", Which is part of the quality management system. This procedure regulates processes in the field of recruitment, employment and then implementation of a new employee, periodic evaluation, training system. We do not forget about internal recruitment for specific positions and related to it "career path"For outstanding employees.

We recognize the need to constantly improve professional qualifications related to running a wide range of production and implementation activities by the Company, as well as with the binding of new standards, regulations, conventions and striving to implement tasks at the highest level. Improving professional qualifications and education is implemented through participation in internal and external training. Our employees improve their qualifications through the participation of, among others in symposia, seminars, conferences, courses, workshops, lectures, briefings and demonstrations related to the subject of the fertilizer and logistics industry.

Working at Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" Sp. z o. o. is a professional challenge and personal development. Start or continue your professional career with us, which will be an inspiration and an interesting experience for you.

Benefits packages


  • high standards of equipping workstations with work tools such as: laptops, mobile phones, mobile reporting devices,
  • covering the costs of benefits in part or in whole to employees raising their professional qualifications in school and out-of-school forms,
  • the opportunity to learn and improve English,
  • flexible ("moving") time of starting and ending work,
  • package of medical services for employees and their family members in "Medicover"
  • financing the purchase of spectacles for employees working in positions equipped with screen monitors up to PLN 250,
  • group employee insurance in PZU on favorable terms, the subject of which is the life of the insured and co-insured persons as well as the consequences of accidents,
  • a wide range of benefits from the Company Social Benefits Fund (eg "under the pear tree", loans for housing purposes, co-financing of sports activities),
  • The Zapomogowo-Loan Fund.