Laboratory services

There are two laboratory laboratories at Grupa Azoty "Fosfory": the Quality Control Laboratory and the Environmental Protection Laboratory.

We provide research services in the field of measurements of factors harmful to health at workplaces, measurements of general noise from installations, devices and industrial plants, analysis of water and sewage, analysis of fertilizers, and analysis of inorganic substances. The laboratories are staffed by competent staff, which allows you to perform analyzes with full responsibility and reliability.

At the Customer's request, we perform tests not included in the offer.

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inorganic products

The production of inorganic chemicals allows us to analyze the highest quality of sulfur, sulfuric and phosphoric acids and sodium hydrogen sulphates.

working environment

As part of our laboratory, we perform high-quality research and analysis in the work environment.<br />

natural environment

In our environmental laboratory we deal with water and wastewater analysis. We have modern analysis and marking methods.


Our laboratory specializes in the analysis of agricultural fertilizers. Thanks to experience, we maintain the highest quality of our results.
Laboratory services

Quality and experience

The provision of the highest quality services and customer satisfaction is our most important goal and determines the direction of our development. We carry out our research in an objective and confidential manner.
The laboratories employ qualified and experienced staff, which allows you to perform tests with full responsibility and reliability.

FOSlab performs tests based on the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001 standard.
Environmental Protection Laboratory is accredited by PCA (No. AB 1261), in the field of research of harmful factors at workplaces.

At the client's request, we carry out tests not included in the offer.



Elżbieta Kwiecień

Head of the Laboratory of Quality Control and Environmental Protection
tel: (58) 34 38 201

Accepting orders:

Ewa Staszewska

Specialist for apparatus and technical documentation
tel: (58) 34 38 233