reloading services

Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" Sp. z o. o. carry out a wide range of services and forwarding

Transhipment at Grupa Azoty "Fosfory"

Utilizing a convenient location within the Port of Gdansk, starting from 1976, Fosfory conducts a wide range of service and forwarding services in the field of transhipment of bulk goods transported by sea.


Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" reloads the following goods:

  • liquid - sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, caustic soda, molasses,
  • loose - mineral fertilizers, phosphates, potassium salt, biomass, heavy soda,
  • in big bags - mineral fertilizers.

Reloading of goods is carried out in "in" and "out" relations


Packaging of bulk cargo

  • we offer packaging of loose goods in BB bags,
  • the service is performed in a bulk goods warehouse, from which it is possible to load bags onto a ship, wagon or car.

Mooring services

Mooring or unberthing service for ships calling at the Chemików i Chemików Nowe quay at the Port of Gdansk, provided exclusively by Grupa Azoty "Fosfory".

Mooring or unberthing service for ships calling at the Przemysłowe Quay for ships for cargo from Grupa Azoty "Fosfory".                        

Information fees

Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" charges wharf and parking fees, the amount of which is specified in the price list:

Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" offers water supplies to ships:


Waterfront details


  • Overall length: 240 m
  • maximum draft: 10.2 m

Waterfront equipment

  • 2 gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 tons
  • 2 cranes with a lifting capacity of 8 tons
  • pipelines for loading liquid cargo

Goods - Relations

  • bulk goods (phosphate rock, potassium salt, fertilizers, biomass) ship-warehouse relationship,
  • liquid bulk goods (sulfuric acid, nitrate-urea solution (RSM), molasses, caustic soda) - warehouse - ship relationship,
  • goods in Big-Bag packaging - loading / unloading relationship.


  • Overall length: 130 m
  • maximum draft: 7.8 m

Waterfront equipment

  • pipelines for handling liquid cargo

Goods - Relations

  • liquid bulk goods (sodium hydroxide solution and phosphoric acid) - warehouse - ship and ship - warehouse relation.


  • Overall length: 205 m
  • maximum draft: 7.05 m

Waterfront equipment

  • belt loader
  • 2 cranes with a capacity of 3 tons
  • pipelines for loading liquid cargo

Goods - Relations

  • bulk bulk goods (heavy soda, fertilizers, other) - relation warehouse / wagon - ship
  • liquid bulk goods (molasses, sulfuric acid) - warehouse / wagon - ship relation
  • general cargo - loading / unloading relation