Registration of the REACH substance

Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" confirms that all substances included in the products included in the Company's offer have been pre-registered and registered properly in accordance with the REACH regulation, in accordance with the following list:

List of registered substances:
SubstanceRegistration number
Sulfuric acid (VI)01-2119458838-20-0059
Sodium bisulfite01-2119524563-42-0009
Superfosfat enriched01-2119493057-33-0016
Single superphosphate (amofoski ingredient)01-2119488967-11-0016

NPK, NP and agrafoski fertilizers are mixtures (preparations) within the meaning of the REACH regulation. Registration in accordance with the REACH regulation covers the components contained in the mixtures, for which we have carried out the pre-registration process and in the future we plan to complete the proper registration. Ingredients of preparations, not produced by Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" Sp. z o. o. will be registered by substance suppliers.

All substances contained in our products are placed on the European Union market in quantities above 1000 tons per year, which consequently obliges to carry out a full registration by November 30, 2010.