100th anniversary of Grupa Azoty "Fosfory"

A special jubilee

100 years!

Very rarely, companies can boast a 100-year tradition. It is quite a phenomenon in our economic life. This honorable 100th anniversary of Grupa Azoty ,, Fosfory '' Sp. z o. o. is due this year.

In 1912, at the then plants belonging to the Milch group, the production of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and superphosphate mixtures began. From this moment also the existence of our plant and its history date.

In spite of many political and economic disturbances and catastrophes (World War II), the plant did not change the basic profile of production, gradually expanding it with a significant range of products offered for agriculture and the chemical industry.

We can proudly assess our past and look into the future with great optimism.

You can find the history of Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" here.