PK 15-30


PK 15-30

It is intended for pre-sowing use in the cultivation of plants with high requirements in relation to potassium. The product should be first fertilized with winter and spring rape, beets, potatoes, maize, legumes, small wing butterflies cultivated in pure sowing, sunflower, all mustards and flax. Our fertilizer can also be used to fertilize vegetables that require good potassium supply.

  • 15% P2ABOUT5 - phosphorus pentoxide soluble in mineral acids;
  • 13% P2ABOUT5 - soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water;
  • 12% P2ABOUT5- soluble in water;
  • 30% K2O - potassium oxide soluble in water;
  • 10% C2O - calcium oxide soluble in water;
  • 10% SO3- total sulfur trioxide.

Increased K potassium content contributes to greater plant resistance to drought, increases the use of water and reduces stress caused by drought, increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases, pests and frost damage.
Calcium contained in the fertilizer favorably affects the development of plants, stabilizing cytoplasmic membranes and promotes cell growth.
Included in the fertilizer sulfur in the form of sulfur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water, activates many enzymes, participates in enzymatic, oxidoreductive reactions (photosynthesis activity), affecting the increase in the content of proteins, sugars and fats in the plant. It also occurs in volatile compounds and oils that give the plants a characteristic taste and smell. Plants well supplied with sulfur show greater resistance to frost and drought. 

Poor nutrition of plants with sulfur results, among others worse nitrogen intake from the soil, which affects the quality and quantity of the crop.
Sulfur deficiency in the plant inhibits protein synthesis, disrupts these processes, leading to the formation of undesirable free amides, causing a reduction in the content and quality of the protein. Sulfur affects the transformation of nitrogen and protein and its lack may cause the growth of unfavorable nitrates in the plant.

HOLIST® agro PK 15-30 can be used on all soils, regardless of their firmness and degree of acidity. It is a pre-sowing fertilizer and it is necessary to mix it with the soil. On grassland, the fertilizer should be applied on the surface and spread in early spring. In fruit-growing, fertilize after harvesting fruit. In vegetable crops, sowing the fertilizer should take place in the crop team preparing the position.

The main nutrient contained in the fertilizer HOLIST® agro PK 15-30 is potassium, therefore the size of the doses should be determined according to the needs of potassium fertilized plants and the potassium richness of the soil available to plants.

Phosphorus derived from phosphate rock partially decomposed, it exhibits quick and long-lasting effects. Pre-sowing application affects:

- strengthens the resistance of plants to water deficiencies, diseases, frosts, frosts, lodging of cereals.
- increases the biological activity of the soil, causing proper rooting and propagation of plants.
- improves yield accuracy, ensures proper, even development and maturation of plants.
- increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertilization while preventing negative
the effects of possible regrinding - reduces the accumulation of nitrates
- shortens the growing season and causes a more even maturation of the field
- provides better seed filling and improves their germination, improves the biological and technological value of crops.

Potassium contained in fertilizer derived from potassium salt affects:

- increases the propagation of plants and stimulates the production of new stems,
- increases plant resistance to drought, prevents yield decreases in cloudy and cool summer,
- takes part directly in the nitrogen economy in the plant,
- raises the productive use of water and reduces stress caused by drought.
- affects the formation of mechanical tissue, which increases the storage capacity of products (eg cereals).
- increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases, pests and frost, and limits the lodging of plants.

HOLIST® agro PK 15-30 contains assimilable forms of ingredients, which results in a very good supply of plants with phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur.

HOLIST® agro is packed:

  • 500 kg, so-called big bags.

All packages have a full description of the product in the form of a permanent print on the bag.
Big-bag bags weighing 500 kg can be stored in stacks up to 3 layers. Fertilizer should be stored in clean, dry and airy storage buildings and protected against adverse weather conditions (against moisture, direct sunlight, rainfall) and damage to the packaging. 
Also during transport, the fertilizer should be protected in accordance with the above recommendations.

During transport, reloading work and storage should follow the manufacturer's instructions and applicable regulations.
Fertilizer stored in normal conditions has unlimited shelf life.