agro NK 10-31

HOLIST® agro

NK 10-31

It is produced by combining potassium and ammonium sulphate. As a spring fertilizer can be used for all crops cultivated, however, attention should be paid to plants with a weaker tolerance to chlorides - in this case, an appropriate early use of fertilizer is recommended.

It can also be successfully used for all cruciferous vegetables, carrots, celery, spinach, cucumbers and salads, and various types of orchards. The high quality of the granules facilitates even sowing.

HOLIST®  agro NK 10-31 is a granulated fertilizer produced by the method of compacting. In accordance with Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003, the fertilizer has been classified under point B.3.1 as NK fertilizer. The main components of the fertilizer are potassium chloride, ammonium sulphate. Granulation is maintained at 90% of 2- 6.3 mm granules.


  • 10% N-total nitrogen in the ammonium form.
  • 31% K2O- potassium oxide soluble in water,
  • 28% SO3- water-soluble sulfur trioxide.

HOLIST® agro NK 10-31 is a nitrogen-potassium fertilizer with sulfur, intended for use on all soils and for various crops. It can be used in spring as well as in autumn and for grassland. This fertilizer ensures high yields thanks to the unique combination of nitrogen and potassium. It is especially recommended on farms where the use of organic fertilizers is limited.

Increased K potassium content contributes to greater plant resistance to drought, increases the use of water and reduces stress caused by drought, increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases, pests and frost damage.

HOLIST® agro NK 10-31 can be used on all soils, regardless of their firmness and degree of acidity. It is a pre-sowing fertilizer, therefore we recommend mixing it with the soil preferably to a depth of 10-20 cm. You can seed for 3-5 days after fertilization. On grassland, the fertilizer should be applied on the surface and spread in early spring. In fruit-growing, fertilize after harvesting fruit. In vegetable crops, sowing the fertilizer should take place in the crop team preparing the position.

The main nutrient contained in the HOLIST® agro NK 10-31 fertilizer is potassium, therefore the size of the doses should be determined according to the needs of potassium fertilized plants and the potassium richness of the soil available to plants.

Pre-sowing application affects the good rooting of plants, proper development, increases the frost resistance of plants and their resistance to drought. It also affects full flowering and even maturation, as well as improved quality and high yield.

Nitrogen in the ammonium form is slowly absorbed by plants and does not quickly leach out of the soil, it also helps potassium. High content of sulphate sulfur - 28%, perfectly soluble in water, allows for undisturbed synthesis of sulfur amino acids and proteins. Additionally, it increases the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilization and activates enzymes involved in the transformation of energy and fatty acids.

HOLIST® agro is packed:

  • 500 kg, so-called big bags.

All packages have a full description of the product in the form of a permanent print on the bag.
Big-bag bags weighing 500 kg can be stored in stacks up to 3 layers. Fertilizer should be stored in clean, dry and airy storage buildings and protected against adverse weather conditions (against moisture, direct sunlight, rainfall) and damage to the packaging. 
Also during transport, the fertilizer should be protected in accordance with the above recommendations.

During transport, reloading work and storage should follow the manufacturer's instructions and applicable regulations.
Fertilizer stored in normal conditions has unlimited shelf life.