Azoty Tarnów and ZA Puławy have concluded a consolidation agreement for Grupa Azoty

The management boards of Grypa Azoty SA ("Azoty Tarnów") and Grupa Azoty "Puławy" SA on November 14, 2012 concluded a consolidation agreement the subject of which is to define the terms of cooperation between Grupa Azoty "Tarnów" SA and Grupa Azoty "Puławy" SA, including Grupa Azoty "Fosfory" Sp. z o. o 

The Consolidation Agreement provided for consolidation of Azoty Tarnów SA and ZA Puławy SA within one Capital Group. The main assumptions were the pursuit of, among others for: maximizing cost synergies, in particular in the area of raw materials and media purchase, achieving synergy effects by extending production capacity and building a complete flexible product portfolio in the area of fertilizers. The aim was to achieve the cumulative effects of the experience of Azoty Tarnów SA and ZA Puławy SA 

The parties also agreed on the rules regarding the use of the trade name "Grupa Azoty SA", and the addition of the words "Grupa Azoty" to the companies of some of the Companies included in the Capital Group.