The environment

As part of its activities, the Laboratory for Environmental Protection performs tests of physical properties and sampling of water and sewage as well as measurements of noise level from installations and / or devices within the scope covered by the accreditation of the Polish Center for Accreditation (AB 1261).

Scientist looking at test tube in the laboratory at the university

We also carry out water and sewage tests based on the Quality Management System implemented in the Environmental Protection Laboratory in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.


  • color

according to PN-EN ISO 7887: 2012

  • basicity

according to PN-EN ISO 9963-1: 2001 + Ap1: 2004

  • hardness

according to PN ISO 6059: 1999

  • sulfates (SO42-)

according to PN ISO 9280: 2002

  • fluorides (F-)

according to PN-78 / C-0488.03

  • chlorides (Cl-)

according to PN ISO 9297: 1994

  • phosphates (PO43-)

according to PN-EN ISO 6878: 2006 + Ap1: 2010 + Ap2: 2010

  • electrical conductivity

according to PN-EN 27888: 1999

  • metals

atomic absorption spectrometry (ASA)