Terminal for bulk goods in big - bags

In October 2016, a terminal for reloading goods in big bags was put into operation, consisting of 5 warehouses with a total area of 3,700 m2, unloading point of wagons and a loading device providing a high reloading installment. Loading of ships takes place at Nab. Industrial. Currently, GZNF Fosfory perform transhipments in the export relationship of fertilizers in big bags for Grupa Azoty companies.

The terminal enables carrying out reloading operations in the following relations:

  • railway wagons - warehouse halls - dockside quay - ship
  • railway wagons - dockside quay - ship

Unloading of railway wagons is carried out through forklifts, in direct relation railway wagons - warehouses. Goods gathered in warehouses
in big - bag sacks are loaded onto car platforms that are transported
they are on the trans-shipment wharf. Loading of ships is carried out by means of a self-propelled loading device.