NPK 4-12-12


NPK 4-12-12

Amofoska 4-12-12 is a complex multi-component fertilizer recommended for pre-sowing application for: winter and spring crops, potatoes, maize, winter oilseed rape, sugar beets, legumes, grassland, as well as vegetable and fruit plants.

PFC 1 (C) (I) (a) (ii): Multicomponent solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer

Fertilizer formula: NPK (Ca, Mg, S) 4-12-12 (+14 +2 +20) / 4-5.2-10 (+10 +1.2 +8)

Granulometry: Granules. The product 90% is in the form of granules with dimensions of 2.0-5.6 mm.
Bulk density: 1.10-1.20 kg / dm3

Total N nitrogen: 4%
N-ammonium nitrogen: 4%
Phosphorus pentoxide2ABOUT5 total: 12% (5.2% P)
Phosphorus pentoxide2ABOUT5 water-soluble: 6% (2.6% P)
Phosphorus pentoxide2ABOUT5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate: 9% (3.9% P)
Potassium oxide K.2O water-soluble: 12% (10.0% K)
Total calcium oxide CaO: 14% (10.0% Ca)
Water-soluble calcium oxide CaO: 9% (6.4% Ca)
Total MgO magnesium oxide: 2% (1.2% Mg)
Sulfur trioxide SO3 water-soluble: 20% (8.0% S)

 Product ingredients:
CMC 1 - Superphosphate (CAS 8011-76-5)
CMC 1 - Potassium chloride (CAS 7447-40-7)
CMC 11 - Ammonium sulfate (CAS 7783-20-2)
CMC 1 - Dolomite (CAS 16389-88-1)

amofoska® 4-12-12 is a multi-component fertilizer for pre-sowing application (it is recommended to mix it with the soil), more information at

The amount of fertilizer doses should be determined on the basis of soil fertility (soil analysis) and plant demand (unit intake x assumed crop yield per ha). Depending on the needs, the dose of phosphorus should be supplemented, e.g. with Polidap or Superfos dar, the dose of potassium should be supplemented, e.g. with potassium salt. Use in grassland in early spring and / or autumn. The fertilizer is intended only for professional users.

Approximate doses of Amofoska 4-12-12 in kg / ha (on soils with medium phosphorus abundance)



Winter cereals


Spring cereals


Winter rape




White beet


Potato (harvested at full physiological maturity)


Forage plants


Grasslands on mineral soils (meadows and pastures)